The decision to refuse a planning application for a £2million petrol station in Clydebank is expected to be upheld.

Asda appealed to West Dunbartonshire Council after their plan to construct a filling station off Livingstone Street was unanimously rejected last April.

Widely-excepted to be given the go-ahead, councillors went against recommendations and blocked the supermarket giant from adding the petrol station close to their store in the town.

At the time of the failed application, councillors cited concerns from local residents over increased congestion to the area.

Councillors said they agreed with locals worried about increased traffic and possible road chaos if the development went ahead.

The petrol station was to be built on the supermarket giant's current overspill carpark, accessed via Livingstone Street, which is currently the only way in or out of Linnvale for 700 homes.

Residents had complained to councillors that it was already a challenge to get into or out of the street at peak times.

Following the rejection, Asda launched an appeal regarding the proposed location at Argyll Road/ Livingstone Road and Coldstream Roundabout.

But following careful consideration, council staff are set to recommend that councillors block the appeal and uphold the original decision to refuse the proposed development.

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Both councillors and the local community council were thanked by planners for their input into the hearing stage of the planning process.

It was felt they "articulated a local knowledge and demonstrated a real life understanding of the current traffic, queuing, and congestion issues in the locality".

The final decision will be taken at a meeting of West Dunbartonshire Council's planning committee, which meets at the Council's Church Street HQ in Dumbarton on February 12.