A THUG who carried out a vicious attack on his own cousin in broad daylight in a Faifley street has been jailed.

John Brand’s cousin fled, barefoot, into the street after he attacked her in her home – but he chased her and beat her repeatedly with a windscreen wiper he’d wrenched off a nearby car as she cowered on the ground. He then grabbed her by the hair and tried to drag her home.

The 32-year-old was jailed for eight months on Friday after pleading guilty to charges of assault, threatening or abusive behaviour, vandalism and possession of an offensive weapon.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard the incident happened after Brand, of Shiskine Drive in Glasgow, banged and kicked on the door of his cousin’s home in Douglas Muir Road on January 5, claiming he’d been assaulted.

Emma Petterson, prosecuting, said that after being let in, Brand had grabbed his cousin by the hair and dragged her into her bedroom before demanding to use the bathroom.

“The complainer ran barefoot into the street while phoning police,” Ms Petterson said, “but the accused followed her and gave chase.

“The complainer made it to the last parked vehicle in the street before the accused caught up with her; she ran round the car several times in an effort to keep her distance before running in the direction of Swallow Road.

“The accused removed a wiper blade from that parked vehicle and upon catching up with the complainer, began to strike her with the blade to the back and body.

“This caused her to fall to the ground; as she lay on the ground she tried to protect herself by curling up and placing her arms over her head, but the accused continued to strike her.”

The incident was witnessed by two neighbours, who shouted to Brand to stop, but instead, Brand picked up his cousin by the clothes and hair and began to march her down the street back towards her own home.

“The witnesses left their home,” Ms Petterson continued, “and followed the accused, asking him to let go of the complainer.

“The accused turned to them and made a gesture as if to run towards them, but they stood their ground.

“The accused shouted back at the witnesses, stating ‘I’ll find out where you live’”.

Police eventually arrived at the scene and Brand was arrested.

Brand’s solicitor said the accused had no memory of the incident and had been drinking since 3pm the previous day.

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Brand’s lawyer added her client had been fighting an alcohol addiction, but at the time of the offence had believed he had it under control and had stopped taking medication and ceased engaging with social workers.

“He appreciates this offence is very serious,” she added, “but he has assured me he will engage with his support network again and will resume his medication.”

But Sheriff John Hamilton told Brand: “This was an appalling course of conduct – it really beggars belief.

“Your cousin must have been absolutely terrified. You repeatedly assaulted her, beat her, chased her out of her home and down the street, and repeatedly beat her while she was on the ground – and then you gave the neighbours dog’s abuse.

“I cannot see any way I can deal with this other than by a custodial sentence.”