DALMUIR Golf Club fees will drop to £250 per year in a bid to increase membership – despite the council raising charges by £104 over the last three years.

Concerns had been raised about the decline in membership, with 183 members in 2017/18 dropping to 146 by 2019/20.

During the financial year 2019/20, there were 70 adult members, 25 senior citizens, 51 over 70’s season tickets but no juniors signed up. Membership fees have risen from £280 to £384 since 2016.

A motion previously brought before council by Labour elected member Douglas McAllister, who stated golfers could no longer afford to play at the municipal course because of the price hike.

Council officers have also agreed to explore the option of turning the pavilion into a café clubhouse.

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Addressing full council last week, Cllr McAllister said: “I raised concerns about the future of the golf course in June last year and I am pleased with the report that has come back.

“I am grateful to the administration for working with me on this. The 20 per cent increase in fees has not achieved additional revenue, which is why I felt it necessary to bring this to the attention of the council.

“Introducing an annual fee of £250 for adult members is great news and is very welcome. This will hopefully encourage more junior members to sign up as there are currently none.”

The fee structure for 2020/21 will be £250 for an adult season ticket, £50 for a junior season ticket and £125 for a senior citizen season ticket.

It will cost £10 per round for an adult visitor and £5 per round for a junior visitor.

The proposal has identified a savings target for the coming financial year of £30,000. It is hoped this will be delivered by increasing participation levels as well as general ticket sales by between 100 to 250, while attracting 50 junior season tickets.