RESIDENTS in Old Kilpatrick have hit out at the fact they will be left without a “lifeline” bus service for a fortnight.

First have confirmed no replacement buses will be operating during a major road closure in the village, which means residents will be cut off without any service for almost two weeks.

From 10pm on February 6, until 6am on February 17, the railway bridge on the A814 will be shut due to Network Rail works.

Janice Hall, 59, from Old Kilpatrick, told the Post: “The bus is a lifeline to me and many others, especially as I don’t drive.

“I am next of kin and power of attorney to my great aunt who resides in Castle View Care Home. Her health has been on the decline. Last year she fell and smacked her face and was subsequently diagnosed with vascular dementia as well as skin cancer.

“She is 96 and a half and only has me to fight her corner.

“I try and visit her in the home most days but this disruption will seriously affect my ability to get there. As well as getting items required for her, there is also my own shopping to get home.”

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A sign put up at bus stops around the village by First confirmed “Old Kilpatrick will not be served” and “Bowling will only be served towards Dumbarton” by services 1, 1A, 1B and 1E.

But Network Rail say it is not up to them to provide replacement buses and they said they informed West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) and SPT during the early stages of planning.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “While it is unfortunate that people will be inconvenienced by the lack of a bus service during the installation of the temporary bridge, the nature of the work to maintain the road link in the short term means that some disruption is unavoidable.

“We worked with West Dunbartonshire Council to agree the road closure and made the bus operators and SPT aware of these works at an early point. Network Rail is not funded to provide replacement buses on a commercial route.”

An SPT spokeswoman said: “SPT has made every effort to appeal to all the main stakeholders involved to consider funding a shuttle bus. Unfortunately at this time, no funding has been forthcoming.”

And a spokeswoman for WDC said: “We encourage any organisation carrying out work in our area to maintain public transport provision and mitigate any disruption to our communities.”