A DALMUIR author’s horror story which tells a disturbing tale about cannibalism is set to be released this month.

David Sloan’s new novel, Go To Sleep: Cannibal, will be available for the public to purchase on January 15.

The 39-year-old author described it as a story about a farmer who is not able to sell his meat from his farm, and instead, starts killing humans and sells the meat to unknown supermarket officials and local cafes and pubs.

The farmer even tries a bit himself before feeding it to his family who are totally unaware.

David told the Post: “I found writing this book to be very dark and disturbing. I researched cannibals online and looking at images and reading interviews with well known cannibals made me think ‘humans can be sick when they put their minds to it’.”

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The book is the dad-of-three’s sixth, and he said he aims to continue to write until he runs out of ideas.

His first novel, Go To Sleep, was released in 2014, followed by Go To Sleep 2 and Go To Sleep 3: The Final Conflict – which tell the story of three killers who roam Clydebank.

In 2017, he released a zombie novel surrounding the days when Glasgow was battered by “Hurricane Bawbag”, titled Storm of the Dead.

The following year, Go To Sleep: Haunted was released – an indirect sequel to Go To Sleep 2. The newest addition to his collection is an indirect sequel to Go To Sleep 3: The Final Conflict.