AN OLD Kilpatrick man who won a dispute against Arnold Clark over a newly purchased car wants to send out the message that you can take big companies to task.

Novall Fisher bought a used Toyota Avensis diesel vehicle outright from the Dumbarton Renault branch in October at a cost of £7,043.

But, the 60-year-old was eventually refunded thanks to the help of Consumer Rights Act staff who assisted him throughout his fight.

Mr Fisher said he took the car to an independent garage to be checked out after Arnold Clark told him they would complete a full service on it.

But his mechanic noticed the fuel filter needed changed and marked it with a red pen.

Mr Fisher contacted Arnold Clark and requested a refund for the car. However, they rejected it and said they have the right to inspect the vehicle to establish if a mechanical fault is present.

After booking the car into a Bishopbriggs branch for the inspection, Mr Fisher said the employees there told him that the fuel filter had been changed, but he lifted the bonnet and told them it hadn’t as the red marks were still there.

Mr Fisher told the Post: “The staff member said to me: ‘I apologise Mr Fisher – I didn’t check it; I just checked the computer’.

“So, I asked if they could write this down on the invoice and they wrote: ‘Technician checked, doesn’t look like fuel filter has been changed. Signs of corrosion’.

“One branch in Dumbarton and another in Bishopbriggs were going against each other despite being the same company.”

He explained the situation to the company’s customer service department and meanwhile, contacted consumer rights staff, who sent him a template letter to fill out and send to Arnold Clark who then accepted his refund request.

Mr Fisher said: “This is an unusual case – to actually get a refund from Arnold Clark. I’ve spoken to other people about it who have all said they’ve never heard anyone get money back from them.

“I don’t think Arnold Clark are too chuffed, but I feel great.

“Through the Consumer Rights Act, I got the refund and won my case against the biggest car dealership in Europe.

“Their assistance kept me on the right tracks. I don’t think I would have done it without them.

“I want to send a message to people that you can take big companies to task on things.

“After I got my refund I phoned customer service and asked why they were accepting the car back and they said it was because there was a faulty battery.

“But I know it’s because they’ve been caught out.”

Mr Fisher was offered a full refund from Arnold Clark as well as £59.50 worth of out-of-pocket expenses – but he hasn’t accepted this and claims he is £134.50 out of pocket.

A spokeswoman for Arnold Clark said: “We are confident that we dealt with Mr Fisher’s complaint to his satisfaction and resolved the issue by offering him a full refund on the car and expenses incurred while we resolved the matter.”