A MAN who failed to finish his unpaid hours of work in the community blamed his 50-hours-a-week job and parenting three children.

Martin Gilroy appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court earlier this month for a review of his progress on a community payback order (CPO).

The 26-year-old was convicted of producing cannabis, possession of cannabis and possession of tetrahydrocannibinol on April 20, 2018, at his Helensburgh property.

Gilroy had previously been put on a CPO and told to do 213 hours of unpaid work but had not made significant progress.

Defence solicitor Judith Reid said her client, previously of Old Luss Road, Helensburgh, and now of Graham Avenue, Clydebank, had managed to gain employment working five days a week with 10-hour shifts.

She said: “He has found himself somewhat overwhelmed by his responsibilities and at times the CPO has not been given the priority it should have been.”

Sheriff William Gallacher said Gilroy’s attitude was “an affront” to the court order.

But Ms Reid insisted her client was not someone simply trying to dodge the order.

She added: “I appreciate his best is not yet good enough.”

Sheriff Gallacher said he didn’t care about the new job but simply that he had made an order and Gilroy didn’t do it.

He added: “I have regards to your children, not you. With great hesitation, I will allow the CPO to continue.”

Gilroy now has to do 250 hours, and he must appear again in court to reveal his progress on January 28.

The sheriff added: “If you don’t comply, I will send you to prison for nine months.”