A KNIFE thug brutally attacked his partner in front of two children.

Steven Munro, 32, pounced on the woman as she returned to her flat in Scotstoun in August this year.

She was left scarred for life after being repeatedly struck with a Stanley knife.

The victim had been pushing a baby in a pram at the time, and was also with an eight-year-old boy.

Prosecutor Craig Findlater told the High Court in Glasgow: “[The boy] said to a relative that he cannot get the image of the woman being attacked out of his head.”

Munro is behind bars after he today pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman to her severe injury as well as to her permanent disfigurement and impairment.

He had originally been accused of attempted murder.

Munro – who has previous convictions for violence and offensive weapons – was remanded in custody pending sentencing next month.

The court heard the couple’s relationship had been “on and off” since getting together in 2017.

On August 23, Munro turned up at the woman’s close looking for her.

She then returned home and the boy with her stated: “Steven is here.”

Munro pushed by the child, confronted his partner and said: “Why are you cheating on me?”

She immediately denied this before Munro produced a knife and grabbed her.

The victim bravely tried to defend herself as the thug carried out the frenzied attack.

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Mr Findlater said the terrified young boy with her shouted for help and “banged on doors”.

Munro then fled the scene before a neighbour came to help and dialled 999.

The woman was found to be bleeding heavily on her face and arms.

The children were taken in by a resident as the victim was rushed to surgery.

She suffered a string of injuries including to her cheek and hands.

Police later traced Munro to a flat nearby. The knife used in the attack was found stashed down a gutter.

Lord Mulholland deferred sentencing until January 29 in Edinburgh.

He told Munro: “This was an appalling attack on a woman in front of children.

“It was with a knife and you inflicted disfiguring injuries.”