WOMEN in Clydebank are facing increased pressure in the festive period as they try to escape abusive partners and still provide a loving Christmas for their children.

Clydebank Women’s Aid said demand rises for their services throughout December, both from those women needing to get away from domestic abuse, and for those working to rebuild their lives.

The charity said the holidays bring additional pressures, especially financial with changes to the benefit system and waiting for weeks for Universal Credit payments.

Yet women also feel the societal pressure to deliver the “best Christmas possible”.

The collective told the Post: “This holiday period is one centred around family and this comes with its own strains, particularly for women who have fled to escape domestic abuse and are unable to visit family for safety reasons, or women who do not live with their children.

“To provide the best Christmas possible typically involves access to disposable income which women do not have access to if they are homeless due to fleeing, or are still experiencing, domestic abuse.

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“Women, children, and young people experiencing physical abuse and ‘coercive control’ – which is financial abuse, emotional abuse, controlling and limiting women’s choices etc – means it is difficult to make this time as special as they would like to as they do not have the freedom, or the means, to do so.”

The charity said they face a busy month of new referrals, refuge requests, more frequent drop-ins and a rise in phone calls.

They added: “The local support we receive throughout the year is tremendous and even more so during the holidays.

“It is this support via donations of food, new clothes for women and children, as well as new toys which provide a massive relief to all those in receipt.

“Giving donations of gift cards that can be used in various stores gives the women who use our service the choice and freedom to spend specifically to their children and their own needs – helping women to take control back of their life.”

Any woman experiencing domestic abuse can call 0141 952 8118. Anyone interested in donating to the charity can also contact them at the same number.