A PUBLIC awareness campaign detailing the impact of fireworks on animals and vulnerable members of the community will be launched.

West Dunbartonshire Council has agreed that members of the public need to take precautions ahead of, during, and after Bonfire Night to mitigate risks to these groups.

They have agreed commercial fireworks displays should be advertised prior to getting a licence and suppliers should be encouraged to stock quieter fireworks.

A motion was presented by the Community Party councillor Jim Bollan at the full council meeting last week.

He said: “This motion has been created to support the SSPCA who want some changes on Bonfire Night particularly in relation to frightened pets and other animals.

“I am quite certain that every councillor has had comments from constituents about what has happened to some of their pets over the firework season.

“One of the most common comments is that firework season seems to be getting extended. People start setting them off days before Bonfire Night and even days after it.

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“The fireworks are becoming bigger which increases the noise. I hope that the council would support this and show people locally that we see it as an issue, and we will try and act on it as a council.”

Members agreed that steps needed to be taken to address the problem.

Councillor Marie McNair said: “I certainly support this motion and I am really thankful that you have brought it forward.“Like you say it is the constant lead up towards November 5 where you have the advertised displays in Dumbarton and Clydebank.

“There is an impact on people and pets. I was just wondering if you would take an amendment to it and ask the council to also write to the UK Government asking them to give local authorities more control when it comes to issuing licences for fireworks displays.”

Cllr Bollan said he was happy to accept the amendment.

West Dunbartonshire Council will now write to the UK Government asking them to limit the maximum noise level of fireworks to 90dB for fireworks sold to the public for private use.