A DUNTOCHER man has been given the legal equivalent of a slap on the wrists for threatening two members of staff at a convenience store with violence.

Ryan Rafferty, 37, of Craigielea Road, had previously admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards the employees at Stevie’s Convenience Store in Beeches Road on April 30 last year.

Rafferty returned to Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday, where he was told he would be admonished and dismissed. But he’s not off the hook yet: he remains the subject of a separate community payback order (CPO) imposed for a more serious offence in which he assaulted his partner at a property in Faifley Road on January 25 last year by seizing her by the face and neck to her injury while she was confined to bed by illness.

Rafferty’s lawyer, Scott Adair, said a report on the progress of that order was “in positive terms”.

Rafferty is also awaiting sentence for a third offence, in which he resisted police’s attempts to arrest him in Faifley Road on March 5 this year, and threatened them with violence there and on a journey to Clydebank police office on the same date.

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Sheriff William Gallacher told Rafferty the CPO would be allowed to continue with no further reviews, and deferred sentence on the Faifley Road offences until February of next year for good behaviour.