CLYDEBANK High pupils had the privilege of hearing what World War Two was like from a veterans’ very own experience.

Ian Forsyth visited the school’s S6 Heritage Ambassadors earlier this month.

During the world war, Mr Forsyth worked as a wireless operator with the 15th/19th King’s Royal Hussars in the Royal Armoured Corps.

He was one of the first to arrive at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany as it was being liberated.

During a talk, Mr Forsyth told pupils: “In war you witness first-hand the depths to which humanity can sink. I was thunderstruck by what I saw – it was the first time that I realised exactly why we were fighting the war. On that day, I saw something which I did not believe could have been true.

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“When we passed nearby villages after we left Bergen-Belsen, we tried to find out more about how this could be allowed to happen, but people said they knew nothing, which was impossible.

“That day changed me forever. I will never forget what happened there and the sights that I saw can still make me weep.”

The pupils filmed their conversations with Mr Forsyth as part of a living history project.

Jacqui Lynam, head teacher at Clydebank High, said: “We are all very grateful to Mr Forsyth for the time he took to meet with pupils.

“He recalled his wartime experiences with such clarity and the message he shared with us is nothing short of profound; it was a privilege to welcome him to Clydebank High School.”