NEW homes could be built on the site of a derelict primary school that was demolished after a suspicious fire in Yoker.

Yoker Housing Association has asked Glasgow City Council for permission to build 28 homes on the site of the former Yoker Primary School in Craggan Drive.

In a planning statement, the housing authority said: "Developing the former Yoker Primary School site will enable Yoker Housing Association to provide more quality housing stock while improving the local area."

If approved, the plans for the residential development would also see the demolition of the janitor's house.

The statement continues: "The final design proposals maximise the site conditions to create a liveable and coherent community.

"Through high quality design, carefully considered aesthetic decisions and integrated communal open space, the Former Yoker Primary School development will provide comfortable, modern and sustainable homes to be enjoyed for years to come."

Yoker Primary School was closed in June 2017 but a suspicious fire in August this year forced Glasgow City Council to make the decision to demolish the site in September.

The planning statement said: "The design proposals focus on the creation of a high quality mixed residential layout with a strong and unique visual identity.

"The scheme has been designed to encourage social interaction and build a sense of community through accessible and attractive open space.

"Through carefully considered hard and soft landscaping, integrated parking and generous open space, this development is designed to be provide sustainable and modern homes which meet the needs of those who live in them."

Wheelchair adaptable cottage flats, semi-detached houses, and bungalows are included in the proposal as well as a children's play area.

The planning statement added: "By incorporating a variety of house types, from two-person bungalows to six-person family homes, a diverse community is created which can help reduce the various social issues associated with a predominance of one particular housing type. Where there are cottage flats within the proposed scheme, these have been incorporated into terraces alongside family homes."

A decision will be made on the proposal by January 21 and the last date for comments is December 26.