COUNCILLORS have welcomed the decision to tear down the former leisure centre in Clydebank.

Henry Boot, a construction and property development company, bought the Play Drome leisure site for £3.9 million in 2016 to demolish it and build commercial units in its place. But they pulled out at the end of August before the deal was signed off.

West Dunbartonshire Council has also given council officers permission to spend more than £50,000 to look for a way which would allow them to become the leaseholders of Clydebank’s shopping centre.

Proposals were discussed at the infrastructure, regeneration and economic development committee.

A council officer said: “The Play Drome has been standing for too long and needs to come down.

“The community of Clydebank need to see something being done. Maybe we could put in more housing than Henry Boot had planned.”

Members agreed that the Play Drome should be demolished as quickly as possible.

Councillor Marie McNair said: “I welcome the demolition of the Play Drome, which is a complete eyesore just now.

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“It is unfortunate that Henry Boot have withdrawn from this site.”

Councillor David McBride added: “It goes without saying the Play Drome has to get flattened as quickly as possible.

“It is clear that retail has changed so dramatically it is probably just as well that Henry Boot have pulled out because it is not the right project. It’s a real opportunity to look again.”

Clyde Shopping Centre owners have also indicated that they are selling their interest in shopping centres in the UK.

Council officers have been approached by their agents to see if the council are interested in becoming the leaseholders as part of a 40-year commitment to buy the shopping centre.

Provost William Hendrie said: “As far as the shopping centre, it would be great if we could buy it.

“Hopefully it would be a success, but I am sure a lot of shopping centres are struggling at the moment, but it is something we need to look into.”