BANKIES are being encouraged to share photos of the Titan Crane lit up blue for St Andrew’s Fair Saturday.

Clydebank’s MSP Gil Paterson sent a letter to West Dunbartonshire Council asking them to highlight the day by making the landmark shine bright.

Last year saw the biggest ever national celebration of St Andrew’s Day in Scotland - and the first time the celebrations were combined with the global Fair Saturday movement.

The Fair Saturday movement started in Bilbao in northern Spain in 2015 as a reaction to the rampant consumerism of Black Friday.

It is a non-profit organisation aimed at raising money for social causes through the arts.

Mr Paterson said: “I am delighted that the council have agreed to support St Andrew’s Fair Saturday by lighting the Titan Crane Blue.

“This year, St Andrew’s Day and the Fair Saturday celebrations fall on the same day.

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“The idea behind it sits very well with St Andrew’s Day. It presents a unique opportunity to highlight the kindness of Scotland’s people and the inclusive, outward-looking and compassionate spirit of our nation, as well as making our national day unique in global terms.

“Clydebank’s famous landmark can act as a beacon for celebrations in communities across Scotland as well as enhance our international profile through our association with Fair Saturday, so I thank West Dunbartonshire Council for their enthusiastic support.

“I hope Bankies will share photos of the crane, lit up in all its glory, on their social media – I certainly will.”

Last year, 84 St Andrew’s Fair events raised £38,682 for social causes across the country.