A CLYDEBANK man has been jailed after racking up a seventh conviction for failing to comply with orders imposed by a court.

Lewis Graham was handed a 13-month prison sentence after he admitted breaching a bail order just three weeks after it was imposed.

Graham, 22, of Bedford Avenue in Drumry, appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday for sentencing after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to breaching a special condition of a bail order imposed on October 8.

The offence, committed on October 29, was aggravated because it involved abuse of Graham’s partner or ex-partner.

Graham had also admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner in Bedford Avenue and on a journey from there to Clydebank police office on the same date by shouting, swearing and making a homophobic remark towards officers.

Graham had been remanded in custody until Friday’s hearing to allow social workers time to prepare a background report.

Graham’s lawyer said the roots of his client’s offending lay in his misuse of alcohol and added: “His behaviour towards police was reprehensible and he regrets that.

“I would ask your Lordship to test him by releasing him to the provisions of his existing CPO provisions and existing bail provisions, and to show that he can be stable.

“He has detoxed in custody – he is completely abstinent and feels much better, physically and mentally.”

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Sheriff William Gallacher said: “This is his seventh conviction for failing to comply with conditions of bail. How much testing does somebody need?”

Addressing Graham, the sheriff said: “Your behaviour towards police was utterly hideous, entirely reprehensible and without any justification at all.”

Graham was sentenced to seven months in jail for the bail breach and six months for the verbal abuse of police; the sentence was backdated to October 30, when he was first remanded in custody.