A GROUP led by Syrian women who now live in Clydebank have been recognised for their impact in the community.

Moments of Freedom were runners-up in the community development category of the Ethnic Minority Impact Awards.

The women came together in 2018 with support from charity Outside The Box and funding from the Home Office. They named the group after the moments women have to focus on themselves and wellbeing as a group.

The women settled in Clydebank with their families after having to flee the war in Syria. They have made new connections with the town and the rest of Scotland.

Jill Keegan, community development worker, said: “It’s been so inspiring to watch the women develop as a group, and see the impact it has had, not just on their own lives, but on the lives of other women in Clydebank.

“The fact that they were runners-up for this award is a worthy recognition of all the hard work they have put into trying to make their community a better place – for everyone in it.”

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Moments of Freedom has expanded beyond just integration and have look for gaps in Clydebank for the wellbeing of women. They also work to develop a space for women to join together across the community, regularly holding gatherings and events.

Gil Paterson, Clydebank’s MSP, told the Post: “These women were forced to flee their war-torn homes to find safety and a future for their children here in Clydebank.

“Having met the group of Syrian refugees a week after they first arrived, I know there were many anxious moments. Setting up this initiative and making it a success after the trauma they have been through is a huge achievement.

“These women have made a great contribution, not just to their local community, but to the whole of Scottish society and they richly deserve the recognition and credit they’ve received.”