THEATRE Nemo runs a variety of projects across Glasgow to help those experiencing mental health difficulties.

The Jigsaw Project’s aim is to support the health and wellbeing of people and families in Drumchapel and Yoker by improving connections between primary care, mental health services and community assets.

Steve (not his real name) heard about the project from his daughter who was a volunteer for another charity in the area.

Steve was in good recovery, but with a long term acquired brain injury.

He had a life long interest in the arts, visual and performing and had enjoyed times in the past with a variety of well known performers and artists. He was a regular attendee and made really exceptional work.

His focus, concentration and willingness to work hard was exceptional for someone with his condition, which we cannot report on.

Steve and his family reported an increase in his confidence, his willingness to go out and meet people and his ability to talk to and listen to others.

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The best way for the project to be improved is increased longevity. For Steve it would be a wonderful thing for him to have more time to explore his undoubted talents.

In the short time available he had already engaged in making a piece of functional three dimensional art (part sculpture part craft) and produced a wonderful piece of album cover art reflecting his joint interests in visual art and music.

As part of the Jigsaw Project, Theatre Nemo delivered 20 sessions of visual art within the Drumchapel Chest Heart and Stroke community room.

They engaged with 31 participants throughout the project with a core group of 14 attending regularly.

Jan (not her real name) heard about the project from Facebook.

She has had enduring problems with depression and anxiety and had become socially reclusive, which exacerbated her problems.

To a large extent Jan became housebound. Having found the project on Facebook her daughter persuaded her to go along.

She attended regularly and engaged in a wonderful free and open way with the folk around her and with the art work.

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