This month starts with a huge well done to Faifley Fortress, one of our school houses.

During term one they earned the most house points, and as a result, were awarded a movie afternoon in our assembly hall with popcorn and hot chocolate. Let’s see who can earn the most house points in term two.

Also last month, we held our first VIP afternoon tea, this was for those children who had earned a golden ticket.

This is a part of our behaviour system: all the children who earned 20 points in a week were invited out of class and into our community hub. There, they spent the afternoon enjoying juice, cakes and games.

To start off term two we had our annual Hallowe’en disco. Everyone dressed up in fab costumes, there were lots of snacks and a great DJ. We would like to say a big thank you to our parent council for organising such a fun event.

Recently, we have had a lot of visitors in Edinbarnet, from all walks of life.

The P7s had a firefighter talk about how to be safe near fire and fireworks and how not to be silly in case something catastrophic happens.

He made it clear that even if we don’t mean it, accidents can happen, so it is much better to be safe than sorry. He showed some pictures of things that happened to people because they were playing with either fire or fireworks.

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These things aren’t always nice to see, but they are so important in helping people understand why we need to be extra safe in these situations.

His presentation was so informative and came just at the right time as it is currently the month of Bonfire night.

In other discussions about safety, we recently entered a Road Safety Poster contest.

We watched a PowerPoint about how to be safe on and around the roads, and then designed posters to promote this. The winner will be chosen over the next few weeks.

Another visit we have had was “Microsoft Meg”, who brought in Microsoft computers for us to have a go on.

We did a bit of programming and coding - it was lots of fun. We made lights on a micro:bit using the laptops.

We got to experiment with music and writing our names with the micro:bit too. We worked in partners and took turns doing challenges that Meg gave us. It was great fun and we learned loads about coding that we didn’t know before.

We have been doing lots of things to promote reading in our school and Mr Clark wants everyone to give their class libraries a makeover.

He is going to judge them at the end of the month and award the winning class a box of books.

So far we have seen lots of fab ideas such as space-themed libraries, boards with author of the month, lots of new furniture, pillows and cushions.

It will be exciting to see all of the new class libraries when they are finished and lovely to see them being used by boys and girls across the school.

Edinbarnet Editors will be back next month for our last update of 2019.