PUPILS at a Clydebank school are getting help to find their next path in life thanks to a new website and special ambassadors.

St Peter the Apostle High is using the myworldofwork.co.uk site for youngsters to learn about career options, personal skills and how best to prepare for employment, college or university.

There are 18 My World of Work ambassadors for the programme, now in its second year, and they regularly attend parents’ nights with a stall to help families look at the choices out there.

Senior pupils also work with younger year groups to look at their strengths and experiences, while the website can help guide youths through UCAS applications, college submissions and writing CVs.

Verity O’Neill, 12, said she got involved to learn her skills and potential.

The S1 pupil said: “We have learned about different jobs and how to get to do jobs in life. This website helped me learn skills we didn’t know we had and helped with careers.”

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Amy Mackay, 11, added that the website had helped her change her focus: “I have changed what I always wanted to do - from zookeeper to teacher.”

Chelsea Harkins, 15, said she learned about the strengths she didn’t know she had.

“Personally I don’t think I’m creative, but according to the website, I am,” said the S4 pupil. “It helps come up with ideas for an employer. I want to go into medicine.”

Younger sibling Ciara Harkins, 12, said she benefitted from helping out the ambassadors last year and decided to sign up as one herself this year.

She said: “I wanted to be a teacher and now I want to be a sports scientist. It suggests jobs that could suit you. I didn’t think I was a creative person either but then it said I was. It said I have attention to detail and precision.”

Joseph Boncodin, 16, added: “I didn’t know anything about what I wanted to do but it gave me a bunch of options."