SCHOOL pupils in Clydebank will have access to a coordinator that will be trained to manage mental – and physical – health.

The new partnership between SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) and sportscotland aims to help the next generation of young people protect their mental health through physical activity and sport.

A group of 400 Active Schools coordinators will benefit from a new training programme that teaches practical ways of monitoring and managing mental health through their work in schools across Scotland.

Andrew McKay, West Dunbartonshire based Active Schools manager, said: “Further education across the board on mental health awareness is really important, especially where young people are concerned.

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“We are engaging with young people every day and have the opportunity to identify signs that an individual is struggling with their mental health in the early stages.

“In doing so, we can make a difference through early intervention and make a real, positive, difference if we think something is wrong.

“With this training provided by SAMH, we will be better equipped to handle these situations with confidence and hopefully, make a difference to the lives of the young people of Scotland.”

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