PARENTS have raised renewed concerns about the condition and safety of a Clydebank school months after a piece of mortar fell from the roof.

Edinbarnet Primary has seen part of its grounds fenced off for months as it awaits work to be done that was originally planned for during the summer months.

Parents approached the Post complaining they had been “fobbed off” when they highlighted their concerns. One called the playground a “walking disaster”.

Council bosses insist Edinbarnet Primary is safe for all pupils and staff. They also said material for improving outdoor learning was stored in a restricted section of the playground and has since been removed.

In September, the Post reported how a “small piece” of mortar fell on the playground used by P1-3 pupils, prompting the area to be fenced off.

Parents and residents say a new school is needed for Faifley.

One parent, who insisted last week the council had a duty of care over the state of the school, said: “The playground is a walking disaster. Grandparents have fallen and so have the children. The fencing is still up, but we’re still waiting for roof, walls and windows to be either replaced or repaired.

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“When is council going put money into school either to fix it or build another? It’s about time the children’s welfare should be considered and be put first.”

Another parent said: “I’m calling for Edinbarnet primary school teachers and parents to stand up and don’t allow our kids to be educated in the sub-standard conditions that they’re enduring.

“As a parent I really want to know is this school safe or not? We keep being told this and that, but nobody from Edinbarnet or the education department want to take the torch and say, ‘Yes the school is safe’ or not.”

Council bosses had planned works on windows and curtain walling in the summer, but then expected it to start in November. It’s been delayed now to the new year.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “Material to support improvements in the outdoor learning area were temporarily stored in a restricted section of a playground not currently used by pupils during their breaks. It has now been removed.

“All West Dunbartonshire schools comply with national building regulations and continue to be safe for use by pupils and staff.

“When any programme of works is planned, our colleagues in health and safety are involved at every step of the process.”