RESIDENTS living at the new Braidfields development in Clydebank have complained about the “state” of the garden at the former janitor’s house nearby.

A number of the new Miller Homes look onto the property that Petr, 43, currently lives in with his wife, seven-year-old daughter and disabled mother-in-law. The family bought the house from the former janitor of Braidfield High five years ago.

Police Scotland confirmed that reports had been made about the garden and the property owner however no criminality was involved.

A relative of a young couple who have bought a new house at the Braidfields site, told the Post: “They have just moved in and done it all up and unknown to them there is an issue with the man living in the former janitor house. Miller Homes tried to buy him out and he refused.

“He has started a dirty campaign and has put up posts, bed sheets, old bikes and tyres on his fencing.

“It’s disgusting what he’s doing. These people have bought new houses and their back gardens are looking right onto his.

“He’s been standing in the garden shouting things like ‘I was here first’ and ‘you’re blocking my view’.

“It’s turning into a nightmare for them and the rest of the neighbours. Miller should have let people know there was an ongoing issue before they purchased their homes. These are families, young couples and old people.

“My relatives want to settle down and start a family in the house.

“And they have got family coming up asking what the mess is about at the back garden.

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“He’s ruining their new house when they have nothing to do with the issue – it was Miller who sold the houses.”

When the Post spoke to Petr he said he has no issue with the homeowners but with Miller Homes – and denied shouting from his garden.

He said he couldn’t accept the offer Miller put to him about buying his house because it is a five-bedroom bungalow that is needed due to his mother-in-law’s disability.

And the bed sheet hanging from his fence is to stop a faulty sensor light belonging to one of the new homeowners flashing into his bedroom, he said.

Petr added that the new homes are overshadowing his house and he now has a very limited amount of sunlight. He also said there were issues with the proximity the new houses are to his, and with Miller removing parts of his fencing and damaging his property.

Under planning conditions, tress were to be planted between Petr's property and the new homes for privacy, however, no progress has been made. 

A spokesperson for Miller Homes said: “We have recently been made aware of a situation at Braidfields and are working closely with both our customers and the neighbouring resident in an attempt to resolve this matter.

"We understand not everyone will welcome new developments; however we have engaged with the local community and complied with the planning conditions set out by West Dunbartonshire Council for Braidfields to create a popular development which is providing much needed new homes within Clydebank.

“Clearly the future behaviour of any particular individual is not within our control so it would have been impossible for us to provide information about this prior to purchase.

“We are committed to working with all parties to ensure the new community we are developing at Braidfields is a pleasant place for all residents."