A DALMUIR man threatened to slash the face of his daughter’s boyfriend and stab and kill the family guinea pigs during a dispute at a flat in the town.

Joseph McLean appeared for sentencing at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday, having previously admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards his wife and 28-year-old daughter at a property in Dumbarton Road on October 6 this year.

McLean, who now lives in Glenkirk Drive, Drumchapel, the court was told, was accused of shouting, swearing and uttering abusive remarks and threats of violence towards the pair.

The court heard that the 49-year-old started consuming alcohol at around midday on October 5 while playing a video games console.

He then continued drinking throughout the day.

Fiscal depute Emma Thomson told the hearing that McLean’s daughter began to notice a change in her father’s behaviour later on in the day and he started wandering about the house, becoming more and more angry.

She retreated to her room in the hope that he would calm down, but McLean was said to have shouted “I hope you get AIDS and die” at her partner, before telling his daughter: “I’m going to slash the face of your boyfriend.”

McLean continued shouting and swearing in the living room of his wife’s house, and told his partner of 30 years: “I’m going to smash your face”.

The brute then went on to threaten to stab and kill the family guinea pigs.

Ms Thomson said McLean’s wife and daughter were both very frightened and eventually police were called at 1.50am.

Defence solicitor Brian McGuire told the court: “There was clear tension in the house and this was the point where the whole thing exploded.

“Mr and Mrs McLean both saw their daughter’s boyfriend as a negative influence on her and that relationship has since ended.

“He [McLean] is embarrassed and shamed by his actions on the day.”

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Addressing McLean, Sheriff William Gallacher said: “This is a very unpleasant incident and one which was clearly fermenting during the course of the day.

“I will let you show that this was an isolated event.”

Sentence was deferred until February 25 next year and McLean was ordered to be of good behaviour until then.

Sheriff Gallacher added: “I expect to be told when you come back that you have been able to do that and you have restored peace and normality.

“It is a matter for you and everyone else involved to manage.”