A RACIST thug left police fearing they were going to be blasted by a shotgun amid terrifying scenes.

Gary Martin aimed the loaded weapon at officers called to his home in Drumchapel after he hurled abuse at his neighbour.

A mum, who lived upstairs, was so scared of Martin she barricaded herself in her flat with her children and grabbed a knife.

A judge heard how 29 year-old Martin had earlier yelled he was looking for people for “target practice”.

He was only halted when his own dad happened to be passing and tackled his crazed son.

Martin is now behind bars after he today pleaded guilty to four charges at the High Court in Glasgow.

This included assaulting police by aiming a loaded shotgun at them, and making racially aggravated threats.

Martin was remanded in custody pending sentencing in the New Year.

The court heard how Martin's neighbour had been wakened in the early hours of July 17 this year by him shouting very loudly.

She had previously complained to her landlords about him.

As she opened her window, the racist yelled: “You f*****g b****y...I will f*****g get you.”

The mum decided to record what Martin was shouting. She then messaged a friend, who called police.

Another neighbour meantime heard “a loud bang” coming from the block.

This woman then witnessed Martin initially yelling comments including “where are the f*****g n*****s” and “get me armed response...I've reloaded”.

She also recorded the thug on her mobile phone.

He then chillingly stated: “People are getting up for work. I'm looking for target practice.”

Police soon turned up and initially went to the neighbour's flat.

Prosecutor Shanti Maguire said: “The door was eventually opened. [The neighbour] had barricaded it with furniture as she was terrified of her neighbour.

“She had a large kitchen knife in her right hand and looked visibly shaken, as were the two children.”

PCs Craig Osborne and Steven McMaster then became aware of Martin shouting and a spent shotgun cartridge lying near his door.

Martin told them to “get to f***” while brandishing the weapon.

The constables believed the thug posed “a real threat to life”.

Miss Maguire: “They feared he was going to fire at them. Martin continued to point the shotgun as they retreated.”

One of the officers was then forced to press the panic button on his radio for help.

Martin screamed: “You are going to need to shoot me. I'm not coming with you.”

His dad Peter Martin then happened to be dropping a passenger off in his taxi.

He jumped out and saw his son with the shotgun now at his feet.

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Miss Maguire: “He grabbed Martin around the waist and struggled with him. This allowed police to handcuff him.”

It emerged there had already been a warrant out for Martin's arrest for a separate matter.

The gun was found to be an Italian-made weapon in “working order”.

The court was told it was “not impossible” the firearm had earlier been discharged from an open window.

Tony Lenehan, defending, said Martin knew where the weapon had earlier been “stashed”, but did not know who it belonged to.

The advocate: “He now understands how terrifying this must have been.”

Lord Matthews deferred sentencing for reports.