A “HEARTBREAKING” video of a dog trembling at the sound of fireworks hopes to raise awareness of the impact explosives has on pets.

Dalmuir man Stuart Chandler uploaded the clip of his dog Sam online.

The 57-year-old said fireworks have been going off in the area for a week in the run up to Bonfire Night and a few days after.

In the 22-second video, the seven-year-old collie cross is sitting on the sofa shaking with fear.

Stuart and his wife Christine rescued Sam from the Scottish SPCA centre in West Dunbartonshire.

Stuart told the Post: “We have faced some challenging times with Sam as he was severely abused by his previous owner. He is still nervous but loved.

“It kills me to see him like this. It makes me feel helpless to be honest.

“We have tried all sorts of things including thunder jackets, medication and plug ins.

“Sam has always been afraid but as he gets older he seems to be worse.

“He just sit and shakes and refuses to go out if he hears the slightest bang during the firework season.

“And if he’s out and he hears one, he immediately heads for home.”

Stuart said that he is in support of fireworks being banned to the general members of the public but doesn’t think it will happen.

A UK Government petition last year calling for a ban gained 307,897 signatures.

This year, Sainsbury’s became the first major supermarket to stop selling the explosives across all of their stores.

Members of the public sent their sympathies to Stuart and Sam in the comments section online.

One wrote: “Good for you for posting this – makes it so much more real. Your poor dog, hope it stops soon.”

Another added: “So sad, I think fireworks should not be sold to the general public for this very reason.

“We have public displays which are a controlled environment.”

And someone said: “Heartbreaking, my little guy is the same with the fireworks. I really hope they ban them.”

Stuart thanked everyone for the “unexpected and overwhelming supportive comments”.

He added that Sam received plenty of cuddles following the video.