COUNCIL bosses won’t confirm the district heating project in Clydebank is more than £4million over budget – until after it’s finished.

Last week the Post revealed the Queens Quay-based project – which is designed to draw warmth from the River Clyde and provide cheaper heat to public buildings and homes – is at least £4.4m over budget, according to leaked council papers.

But councillors kept the papers and discussions about them at a special full council meeting behind closed doors.

The Post asked the council when they would confirm the project was over budget.

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Officials remained silent on the cost, now totalling more than £19m, and said it would be subject to “review” when finished. That review will then be reported to the audit committee.

It is unclear if there will be any further public discussions about the district heating project before it’s finished.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “The ground breaking district heating network will distribute low carbon energy to a large number of homes and public buildings in Clydebank, cutting the area’s carbon footprint significantly and providing future opportunities to reduce fuel poverty among our residents.

“The project will be subject to a post completion review, as with all our major capital works, and findings will be reported to the audit committee.”