DRUMCHAPEL’S MSP is “astounded” by the news that there are more than 300 violent gang members linked to the Lyons and Daniel high-profile crime clans.

The rival groups were faced with increased police scrutiny in 2017 following a wave of shootings and stabbings in a bid to gain control of the country’s illegal drug trade.

Last week, national media revealed Police Scotland had launched a new operation codenamed Bluefield which has uncovered 300 suspects linked to both gangs in Drumchapel.

Bill Kidd, MSP for Drumchapel and Anniesland, told the Post: “I have contacted Police Scotland and asked to be kept updated but I am astounded by the extent of the potential criminal reach into various aspects of our community these groups seem to have made.

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“I have no hesitation in wishing Police Scotland every success with operation Bluefield in trying to lead the fight back on behalf of all the decent ordinary people living, working and trying to bring up their families in and around Drumchapel and I urge anyone who could help them to come forward to do all they can to assist.”

Operation Bluefield furthers a previous campaign which led to six Lyons henchmen being jailed for 104 years in April for attempted murder.

Elspeth Kerr, councillor for Drumchapel and Anniesland, called on the community to come together to help prevent crime.

She said: “One of the best assets in responding to organised crime is the community itself.

“I’m intent on working with communities, Police Scotland and others to secure longer term strategic action and encouraging community development work to create enduring responses that prevent crime and the causes of it while also protecting our young people from getting involved in gangs and chaotic lifestyle.”