A SCOTSTOUN man has scooped £5,000 on a radio show quiz.

John Metters, 34, won the cash prize on Tuesday, October 29

The factory worker’s winnings could not have come at a better time with John and his wife Claire currently trying to move house.

The general knowlege whizz said: “My friends and I were talking about the competition the other week, saying how no one ever wins, so I thought I’d give it a go – and I’ve won.”

He describes having to wake his wife up who was sleeping after a busy nightshift, as a nurse, to tell her the outstanding news.

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John who is a casual pub quizzer added: “We’re hugely grateful, I don’t think we’ll come down from cloud nine.”

The popular breakfast presenter, George Bowie, added: “I hope John and Claire enjoy their winnings and I look forward to being invited round for the house-warming.”

Only four other contestants have won this year on the Bowie at Breakfast show.