FORMER staff members of the Clydebank Watt Brothers store are “over the moon” after being offered new jobs.

When the major retailer ceased trading last month Together Energy stepped in and offered all staff members a tour of the Clydebank office and interviews.

And 11 of the colleagues who were previously working full-time took up the new job offer which pays more than they earned previously.

Sherrill McFarlane said: “We are all over the moon. It was devastating when we were told we had lost our jobs and with no notice which was tough.

“Nobody wants or likes a change, but we couldn’t believe it when we were quickly given the chance of a job and we’ve all jumped at it.

“We are so grateful and are really looking forward to our new workplace.”

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The new staff have started working within the company’s billing department and will receive ongoing training, with opportunities to move into other areas of the business in time.

Clydebank man Paul Richards, chief executive of Together Energy, added: “We’re in the fortunate position that the business is growing, and the timing was just right to be in a position to offer a helping hand.

“The group all have transferable skills and great customer care training and I’m sure they will have no problem settling in.

“Our policy is to offer everyone, no matter their age, the Living Wage which means that the group will also receive a boost to their income.”

Together Energy employs 140 people and has a unique recruitment policy in which they favour local young people who have been disadvantaged in some way or missed out on opportunities at school.