THE residents of Braes Avenue have been praised for showing community spirit to a woman who snapped a ligament on Hallowe’en.

Ceilidh McPherson was trick-or-treating in Whitecrook with her daughter, niece and best friend when she toppled over an uneven pavement.

She said two “wonderful women” raced over to “save the day”. They comforted her daughter who was in floods of tears, let her use the bathroom, and provided Ceilidh with a chair to sit on while waiting for a lift home.

Ceilidh, from Easterhouse, says she comes to Clydebank for Hallowe’en as her neighbours are not as welcoming as Bankies.

She told the Post: “Only about couple of people answer their door [in my street].

“The rest close up and turn lights off.”

Her daughter Olivia, aged four, has never had the full Hallowe’en experience but the youngster’s uncle, a local man, decorated his house with spooky decorations to give her a night to remember.

Midway through their guising Ceilidh fell and can’t thank enough the two ladies from Braes Avenue who helped her in her time of need.

Olivia, who was Princess Belle for the evening, went home from Clydebank with an array of goodies including cookies, Harribo, apples and chocolate spooky eyeballs.