More than 300 violent gang members linked to high-profile crime clans Lyons and Daniel are being investigated in a new crackdown by Glasgow police.

The rival groups were faced with increased police scrutiny in 2017 following a wave of shootings and stabbings in a bid to gain control of the country's illegal drug trade.

The Sunday Mail revealed Police Scotland has launched a new operation codenamed Bluefield to further a previous campaign which led to six Lyons henchmen being jailed for 104 years in April for attempted murder.

And now, the operation has uncovered 300 suspects linked to both gangs in Drumchapel.

Inspector Ryan McMurdo told the paper that the area has become the target of Police Scotland's investigation as it has become a "hotbed" of organised crime.

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The area was forced into lockdown by police at the beginning of October to combat the growing violence.

The team of 100 officers stopped 92 cars and arrested five people, with drugs including heroin, cannabis and diazepam seized.

Insp McMurdo said: “There’s a crossover between Operation Engagement and Operation Bluefield.

“Lots of people involved in Engagement crop up when we deal with Bluefield.

“In particular we’ve been looking at serious and organised crime in Drumchapel.

“Bluefield is a battle over the drugs trade there between two rival factions which we’re looking to disrupt.

“We have well over 300 suspects that we can link to that.

“If you include friends, families and associates, you are talking about hundreds of people who are all making a living out of serious and organised crime in one area.

“We targeted businesses which we know the criminals are running or in the case of licensed premises are known to frequent.”

Six men are behind bars after being convicted of the savage gangland murder plot of Steven "Bonzo" Daniel - nephew of late crimelord Jamie Daniel.

He suffered grotesque facial wounds after an attack close to the Glasgow's M8 motorway in May 2017.