The Prime Minister came off the campaign trail, and was trick-or-treating in Clydebank last night - or so it seemed.

Tot Ella McCallum was transformed into a "bungling Boris Johnson" for Hallowe'en.

The 18-month-old's mum, Casey McCallum, told the Post: "We asked people to guess who she was dressed as. Everybody thought it was hilarious, even young kids.

"They all just laughed, they all knew."

Ella was dressed in a dapper suit and tie, and the costume was completed with a badge saying: "Twins - both in looks and mental age #PM."

Casey added: "Everybody already made comments that her hair looks like Boris Johnson's.

"Even if I do her hair, it's out right away and it looks a riot, like Boris.

"Boris is always known for having bit of humour, not taking things too seriously. Like a big kid himself.

"We’re just seeing the lighter side.

"It's quite a different costume. There were lots of little girls dressed as fairies and Ella is dressed as a man."

Ella also answered the door to trick-or-treaters at her aunt's house who had decorated her garden with a skeleton holding a sign saying: "waiting for Brexit".

The PM has been a popular choice as a costume this year according to research by Beano Studios.

He ranked 10th on the list of most popular Hallowe'en dress-up ideas among children this year.