THE former staff of Clydebank Thomas Cook are delighted to be back at work – with two new colleagues.

Following the announcement of the travel company’s collapse last month, 9,000 employees were left devastated at the loss of their jobs, including those at the branch in the Clyde Shopping Centre.

But employees are on cloud nine now that they are back in the job they love after Hays Travel bought over every Thomas Cook branch in the UK.

Norma Craig, Elaine Adams and Joanne Edmonds all worked with Thomas Cook for 54 years between them and are happy to be booking holidays for the people of Clydebank.

Ashleigh Friel and Lauren Sunderland, also former Thomas Cook workers, have joined the trio.

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Norma told the Post: “It’s great. People have been coming in and saying they’re glad we’re back and giving us gifts.

“When the company went bust our manager texted us telling us just to hang on and there could be something in the pipeline and this is what is was. Hays got the deal at the last minute.

“All of the staff at this store were offered their jobs back but some chose to go in a different direction.

“We’re happy to be back working together. I could have went elsewhere but I chose to be back here. We are grateful for all of our past and existing loyal customers and we are looking forward to welcoming new customers.”

Elaine added that it was a “devastating” time for everyone when it was announced Thomas Cook would be closing.

Ashleigh, who is the new manager of the branch, said the staff have been fantastic since they all came together.

She added: “We couldn’t have opened the shop without them. They all have their own customer base so if they weren’t coming back it would have been pointless opening the doors.”

The staff are working out of the former Thomas Cook premises and a new sign will be put up soon.