YOUNG Bankie superfan is spending Hallowe'en dressed as someone she loves - Lewis Capaldi.

Molly Kemp, five, has been divinely inspired by her musical hero since she heard him on GBX about a year ago.

After her mum Nicola, 37, found a YouTube video of the number one artist, the Clyde Primary P1 pupil was hooked.

Mum told us: "She's just taken a shine to him and has been obsessed ever since.

"She thinks he is her pal and was convinced he was going to her birthday party in May. But we wrote her a birthday card pretending it was from him and said, 'Sorry I can’t make it - I have to work'.

"And we made her dad, Alan, dress up as him and we all wore his face masks."

So this Hallowe'en Molly has got nothing but Lewis on her mind as she becomes her hero at school today and for trick or treating tonight.

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