THIS year’s bonfire night could see the last Drumchapel Winterfest fireworks display if organisers can’t find other methods to fund the event.

Winterfest was created around 12 years ago to reduce rogue bonfire and firework displays which saw fireworks launched into the path of inbound and outbound flights from Glasgow airport.

Drumchapel L.I.F.E (Living is for Everyone) who assist Glasgow City Council in organising the annual event have raised concerns with local councillor Paul Carey about its future.

They claim that if funding from the local authority, which is estimated to have dropped from £30,000 to £13,000, over 10 years continues to decline, then it is uncertain if the festival, which attracts between 12,000 and 15,000 people each year, will be able to continue.

Every year the council faces tough challenges to meet budget targets which means less money is available to fund events like this.

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Winterfest is primarily funded by the council and other external organisations including Drumchapel L.I.F.E.

Dougie Taylor from Drumchapel L.I.F.E said: “There is a risk to Winterfest, and it would be a great loss to the community if we couldn’t continue.

“We assist the council with the festival which has been going on for at least 12 years. If funding continues to dwindle it might be hard to keep going.

“The event has benefitted the community and reduced trouble on the streets at this time of year.”

Councillor Paul Carey has said that with funding down from last year it seems that 2020’s festival will be a challenge to run.

He said: “I am of the option that the winter festival is in real danger of not going head next year if we are unable to secure more funding.

“Over the last decade the winter has seen over 120,000 people attend. It is a major event in the council calendar.

“Winterfest has helped control rogue bonfires and fireworks in the North West of Glasgow. If it can’t continue, then I fear we will go back to the dark days.”

A council spokesman said: “Drumchapel Winterfest provides a safe and enjoyable place for people to enjoy an organised fireworks display.

“We work with a large number of partners to deliver the event and will begin discussions in the early part of next year on how we can continue to deliver best value for the local community.

“We hope everyone has a great time as this year’s Drumchapel Winterfest and we look forward to another successful event in 2020.”

This year Winterfest will run on Tuesday, November 5.