CLYDEBANK'S district heating network is to be the subject of a special council meeting next week.

West Dunbartonshire Council will meet on Tuesday, October 29 but council bosses will first ask elected members to take the session behind closed doors from the press and public.

The agenda only lists two items, both related to the state-of-the-art scheme to draw heat from the Clyde for homes and public buildings at Queens Quay: project costs and "commercial agreement".

There are no detailed papers published for the meeting, to be held at Church Street, Dumbarton, at 11am.

If councillors agree to make the meeting private, there will be no audio streaming and the papers will remain secret.

The scheme is meant to cost £15million and would provide heat to West College Scotland, Clydebank Leisure Centre, the new health centre, new nursing home, Clydebank Town Hall and could someday be extended as far as the Golden Jubilee.