A PERVERT was caught sharing indecent videos and images of children after being snared by cops through social media.

Officers raided Iain Wylie’s Duntocher home last November after serious crime unit colleagues in England raised urgent child protection concerns relating to the 28-year-old’s online activity.

Wylie pleaded guilty at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on October 1 to two charges of possession and distribution of indecent photographs or pseudo-photos of children.

Fiscal depute Kevin Doherty, prosecuting, gave an account of Wylie’s interaction with an undercover officer from Thames Valley Police on the Kik social media app.

Wylie, of Onslow Road, Drumry, adopted the pseudonym “John Jones”during the chat with someone who had the username “Officer Jack”. The chat lasted from 2.45pm until after 8pm on November 14 last year.

Details of the conversation are too explicit to be published in the Post.

Mr Doherty said: “On the afternoon of November 14, Police Scotland received urgent and confidential information in relation to the accused allegedly using Kik to distribute indecent images of children and raising clear child protection concerns.

“It was assessed that there was an imminent danger of sexual harm.”

Police attended the home Wylie shared with his then partner in Duntocher at 10.50pm that evening and found an iPhone in the pocket of a sofa.

Mr Doherty said the phone was examined and an image found, depicting a young boy, sent by Wylie to Officer Jack, which had been deleted from the device at 8.30pm that evening.

Mr Doherty told the court: “No evidence was found to suggest the presence or distribution of child sexual exploitation images, and no evidence was found of any indecent communication with a child.”

Wylie was arrested and taken to Clydebank’s police station, where he gave a largely “no comment” interview; he was held in custody and appeared in court two days later, when he was released on bail under special conditions.

He sat in the dock at last Tuesday’s hearing with his head down throughout. Defence solicitor Mark Connolly told Sheriff William Gallacher: “Mr Wylie is acutely aware these are extremely serious offences, as your Lordship will see from his demeanour.

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“He is deeply ashamed of his actions and his behaviour. When matters have been discussed with him, he has found it extremely difficult and extremely emotional.”

Mr Connolly asked that Wylie’s bail be continued, stating that his client has no previous convictions for similar offences, and adding that he had complied fully with special bail conditions.

Sheriff Gallacher told Wylie: “You have behaved in a way that is verging upon the depths of depravity. You have a criminal record which does not involve offences of this type, and you have complied with bail conditions. I will allow your bail order to continue but you should prepare yourself to serve a lengthy custodial sentence.”

Wylie will return to court later this month to be sentenced.