A VIOLENT teenager has been locked up for attacking two Clydebank cops - just days after he was freed from prison for another offence.

Scott Casey repeatedly punched the two officers on the head and body in a sustained attack at a flat in Drumry, placing a female officer in a head-lock in the process - and continued the assault after he was removed to the common close outside.

It’s the 18-year-old’s second conviction for assault, following an incident in which he and two others attacked two men at Dumbarton East railway station in December 2016.

Casey was aged just 15 when he and two other teens violently assaulted the men at the station on December 3, 2016.

Casey, of Craigielea Road in Duntocher, was handed a community payback order (CPO) for the 2016 offence - and was in court earlier this year, when it was revealed he had been locked up for an unrelated conviction.

At that hearing, in July, the CPO was revoked and a new one put in its place, to kick in upon his release from prison.

He was released from that jail term in early September - but was back behind bars less than a week later thanks to the attacks on the two police officers.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of threatening or abusive behaviour and three counts of police assault last month, and was remanded in custody pending the preparation of a background social work report.

Describing the latest incident, which happened at a property in the Waverley block of flats in Onslow Road on September 11, Emma Petterson, prosecuting, told Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday, October 4: “Police attended the locus at 10 past four in the morning in relation to an ongoing disturbance.

“Their attempts to clear everyone away resulted in the accused stating ‘look at the state of you, you f*****g p****s - youse are nothing but f*****g scumbags’.

“He was warned about his behaviour, which resulted in him stating ‘I’ll f*****g fight every one of youse’.

“He lunged at the officers with his head down whilst punching into their stomach, face and upper torso, and thereafter placed a female officer in a head lock.

“The officers attempted to restrain him by taking him out to the common close, but he continued to fight, punching them numerous times to the face, neck and body.”

Casey was eventually restrained and was taken to Clydebank police station, where he was told he was under arrest and was cautioned and charged.

Phil Lafferty, defending, told Sheriff John Hamilton: “At the outset, I recognise on Mr Casey’s behalf that this behaviour was wholly unacceptable.

“He has a realistic outlook on the likely disposal of the court.

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“But the report recognises he needs some kind of guidance and supervision, and I’m inviting your Lordship to take a significant risk by allowing the community payback order made while he was in custody, a chance to start.”

But Sheriff Hamilton told Casey: “You’re only 18, and you have already managed to rack up a schedule of previous convictions that is unenviable.

“You have a problem, and you’ve got to deal with it, but I cannot see any way of dealing with this matter other than a custodial sentence.”

Casey was told he would have to serve 100 days of his previous sentence, following his early release last month, and a further six months in detention for the police assaults.