Funding of more than £280,000 per year could help provide a replacement women's aid service in Drumchapel.

Drumchapel’s Women’s Aid was stripped of its funding after the City Council raised concerns of “financial irregularities” and its annual support of £288,000 was withdrawn.

The support service, for women fleeing domestic abuse, ceased on July 31.

Following this decision, arrangements were put in place with housing benefit staff to retain the refuge accommodation while permanent tenancies or move-on support accommodation was made available for the remaining families.

Councillors approved funding for a further two-years to a separate organisation, Glasgow Women's Aid (GWA), to operate a replacement outreach and drop-in service in the area.

Funding of £288,337 will be awarded to GWA each year for two years.

After two years the local authority can decide whether or not to continue funding the services.

A facility was purpose-built by Cairn Housing Association for the provision of accommodation and support services for women and children experiencing domestic abuse.

Cairn Housing Association has confirmed that they are willing to support the continued use of the Drumchapel premises for this purpose going forward.

Subsequent to the closure of the former support service, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) officers have consulted with the three remaining Women’s Aid purchased services in Glasgow in a bid to ensure accommodation and support services continue to be available to women and children fleeing domestic abuse.

The HSCP have also organised ongoing support for people where they live, on a service drop-in or outreach basis. Glasgow East Women’s Aid were unable to extend their services to Drumchapel meaning there is a bigger demand for the service to be reinstated.

GWA is a long-established service in the city and has been delivering accommodation and support services across multiple sites to women and children affected by domestic abuse for the past 35 years. It is not connected to Drumchapel Women's Aid.

The group will work with the local community to promote the service and seek views on its development.

They will also work with the other women’s services in the city to promote innovation and shared learning opportunities from their delivery of the service.