THREE council employees have been sacked for their alleged behaviour in the past 10 months, a report has revealed.

One was dismissed for a claim of theft from the local authority’s clients. A West Dunbartonshire Council investigation found the January 30 charge to be “founded”.

Council bosses, citing privacy, said they could not confirm if a report had been sent to Police Scotland.

In another incident, there was an allegation from November 12, 2018 of “inappropriate behaviour” by an employee. An investigation concluded this was founded too and the employee was sacked.

An identical claim was made on January 1, 2019 and that employee was also dismissed.

A separate allegation saw an employee warned about future conduct after an allegation a council vehicle was used to dispose of non-council materials.

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In February, there was a charge of inappropriate disposal of generators from the former council HQ in Garshake - that was unfounded, but prompted a plan to make improvements.

It related to the generators going to a local business in return for a donation to charity. But council bosses said a “better approach” would have been to ask firms to bid for the generators.

A number of other allegations in recent months were dismissed as unfounded, including about the provision and serving of school meals, the purchase and development of WDC land, drug taking while at work, mismanagement of staffing, malpractice by a teacher over an SQA exam syllabus, and an employee “indulging” in anti-social behaviour.

A claim cash at a school was missing was unfounded, said the report to the council’s audit committee last week.

There are still investigations underway into an employee making improper use of WDC materials and assets, misuse of a council vehicle and inappropriate behaviour towards a member of the public, and concerns about non-adherence to financial guidelines by an unnamed community council.

Depute provost Karen Conaghan said: “People do come forward and we do find things ourselves. It’s very good to see most of them are unfounded. We have a good investigation process.”