Maia is an awesome young lady looking for an owner who has plenty of time and experience, preferably of her breed.

She is exceptionally friendly and is at her happiest when in both human and canine company.

Maia gets along so well with other dogs that a home with a canine companion is a must. She has been known to get over excited and a little grabby at times, yet she learns well from other dogs and finds a lot of comfort in their company.

She is house trained, crate trained and travels well in a car.

This girl adores human company and interaction so much that she can become upset when no one is around, so she would like to find a home where someone is there to keep her company for the majority of the day.

Maia has previously lived with children and may be suitable to do so again in future, however just now she needs lots of guidance and training to help her become the perfect companion that we know she can be.

Anyone who meets Maia falls in love straight away.

Contact the SSPCA centre in Dunbartonshire on 03000 999 999 if you can help.