A CLYDEBANK band have been commended in the Scottish Parliament for their charity work.

The Fences are holding a gig to raise money for St Margaret of Scotland Hospice later this month.

And Gil Paterson, Clydebank’s MSP, recently submitted a motion in parliament to highlight the efforts from the four boys - Gabriel Kielty, Aidan Rowan, Brendan Bean, and David Daly.

Mr Paterson told the Post: “I was delighted to submit a motion highlighting the excellent charity work of these young men who are using their talent and creativity to help others in their community.

“I wish them the very best for their show which I’m sure will be enjoyed by all who attend. It is really great that people can have a good time while making such an important contribution to those in need.”

The charity gig will be held in the Lucky Break on October 25 raising money for the hospice, and food donations for a local foodbank.

A statement from the group read: “In Clydebank, and across Scotland, there is a wealth of fantastic charity work being carried out by the truly wonderful individuals. Due to this we were very surprised to have been picked out by Gil Paterson to be highlighted and would like to offer our gratitude in solidarity with Gil’s own continued brilliant charity work.

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“However, as four young men from an archetypal working-class town like Clydebank, we felt this was a unique opportunity to share our thoughts on what we feel are the real issues at hand here.

“In our opinion, the most dangerous issue is the considerable absence of aspiration in young working-class people. A resignation that they will never be able to better themselves or the unwillingness to take the risks to do so.

“We hope we can all agree, policies aside, that it is the parliaments duty to inspire hope and belief in Scotland’s youth that there should be no limit to achievements.

“This is not possible without the government investing into the youth and it is something we hope to see more of.

“We hope that this becomes a real focal point for parliament and in time we hope to see a wider range of activities readily available to young people, and an active desire to pursue them.”

And the motion submitted to parliament read: “That the parliament commends the Clydebank rock band, The Fences, on its up-and-coming charity gig in the Lucky Break in Clydebank on October 25; understands that this year the four-piece group chose to raise money for the St Margaret of Scotland Hospice as it is a local charity that they say does brilliant work in their community of Clydebank; notes that the group has asked those who attend the concert to bring along a food donation for the local foodbank, and thanks the members of the band for their compassion and efforts in raising money to benefit their local community.”