POLICE have moved to reassure residents after a series of unconnected but serious crimes in recent weeks.

Last month saw an arrest for the alleged kidnapping of a child, a report of a serious sexual assault in Dalmuir, as well as other crimes.

Residents have expressed alarm and concerns for the safety of residents in the town.

But community police have said the reported crimes are unconnected and Clydebank was safe.

Inspector Allan Dickson told the Post: “Police Scotland are aware of reports in the media of a number of incidents that have caused some alarm within the local community.

“We wish to reassure Clydebank that the reported incidents are unrelated and that there are positive ongoing inquiries. In some of the cases arrests have already been made. Despite the short period of time in which they have taken place, they are isolated and are extremely unusual for this area.

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“People should not be afraid of crime in their area. Clydebank is still a safe and vibrant community to live and work in.

“Your local officers are more than happy to discuss any issues you want to raise and provide any advice or reassurance you may need.”

You can contact Clydebank community police on 101.