A CLYDEBANK woman who scratched her ex-partner’s face during a drunken row at their home has been told of a sheriff’s concern at her problems with alcohol.

Carolanne Mackay was placed under social workers’ supervision when she appeared in court for sentencing on a charge of assault.

The incident happened at Mackay’s home address in Morrison Street on July 25.

Mackay’s solicitor, however, said the 25-year-old had also been injured in the incident, but that her ex had been liberated by the procurator fiscal pending further enquiries - known in legal shorthand as a ‘PF lib’ – while Mackay had been the subject of a criminal prosecution.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard last Friday that Mackay, her ex and two friends had been drinking in the garden of the property before an argument broke out.

Meghan Glancey, prosecuting, said: “The argument turned physical, leading to the accused scratching the face of the complainer, and to the complainer biting the accused on both arms.

“An anonymous phone call was made to police, who saw the complainer outside the locus with scratches and blood on his face.

“They entered the garden, where the accused told police ‘he bit me’, and showed police two bite marks on her arm.

“The accused was cautioned and told police ‘I scratched him in the face to stop him leaving with my provisional licence’.”

Defence lawyer Judith Reid told Sheriff John Hamilton: “She appeared before your Lordship immediately following this, with very clear injuries.

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“She accepts that her having taken alcohol meant she behaved badly.

“There is a record [of previous convictions], and that was her difficulty, though it’s a record that goes back some time.

“However it is accepted that every now and again, alcohol seems to have been an issue.”

Sheriff Hamilton said: “You now have four or five convictions for drunken, disorderly behaviour. I’m concerned, especially since you are a mother.”

Mackay will be supervised by social workers for 12 months.