FALLING mortar from the roof of a Clydebank school has angered parents concerned about the safety of their children.

Edinbarnet Primary saw a “small piece” fall on to the small playground for P1-3 pupils recently, prompting council bosses to fence off part of the school grounds.

There were no children there at the time of the incident and council bosses insisted the school was safe to be open.

Youngsters are not allowed to play in that part of the property - but still line up there to be taken into the school, said parents.

But school families said the school has been chronically underfunded for years and feared it was now “beyond repair” and needed to be replaced.

One parent told the Post: “We are angry, frustrated, scared for the well being of children, and concern when, not if, an accident is going happen, especially considering the bad weather is due in.

“Parents are worried about so many children in such small area. It is a recipe for disaster.

“We’re outraged that our children’s lives could be at risk due to lack of council maintenance and keeping the school to a high standard within health and safety regulations.”

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Of more than £2.2million spent on Clydebank schools in the past two years, just £120,000 has been spent on Edinbarnet Primary.

Outside, there are few unbroken paving slabs, gates are crumbling from rust, doors are rotting and retaining walls are broken.

Parents have been told fire doors have been replaced and there are regular inspections, while other parts of the building are also checked.

No work on windows or curtain walling was done during the summer and aren’t expected to start until November, families have been told. Even then, only some of the windows will be done.

Some classrooms are not currently in use because of water ingress and faulty windows, CCTV isn’t working properly, and parts of the assembly hall walls are crumbling.

Last year, a whistleblower alerted the Post to hundreds of failures in fire safety standards across West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) properties, including 51 at Edinbarnet Primary - the most of any building.

Another parent told us: “Over the years Edinbarnet has been underfunded and allowed to fall into a terrible state of disrepair.

“Despite numerous requests to the local council nothing seems to be being done. Children are playing in a playground that is nothing short of a waste ground. I know the parent council have met with education bosses but have been fobbed off with excuse after excuse.

“This school has been forgotten about over the years when it has come to funding. The school is almost 70 years old and it certainly looks its age now.

“Something needs done.”

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They added: “I think it’s impossible to repair without spending a lot of money. It would be cheaper to build a new school.”

A council spokeswoman said: “An extensive inspection of the school has been undertaken and a programme of works is in place with a number of repairs already completed.

“Repairs are also underway to a section of the roof and appropriate safety measures are in place and will remain until the repairs are complete.

“The school estate strategy outlining our investment in educational establishments is currently being development and will be presented to a future education committee."