West Dunbartonshire’s MP met with top health officials recently over concerns from hundreds of residents about fungus on their homes.

Martin Docherty-Hughes was seeking assurance about whether the so-called “whisky black” fungal infection could affect human health.

Dr Linda de Caestecker, director of public health, and Dr Gillian Penrice, head of Health Protection Scotland, told the MP there was no health risk related to the blight on homes.

The MP welcomed the NHS’s position and said he would continue to tackle the issue amid concerns of residents.

Last year Mr Docherty-Hughes surveyed the public and found 85 per cent of those questioned said the exterior of their home had been affected by a black-coloured fungus.

Whisky black is a fungal infection on houses that is normally considered unsightly. It is a black fungus that creeps up the side of houses that are located near whisky distilleries.

The MP said: “It’s an issue that too many people have experienced difficulties with for too long now.

“When I surveyed residents across Clydebank, Dumbarton and Alexandria on the black fungus, one of the concerns I heard about was on its health impacts.

“I recently met with Dr de Caestecker and Dr Penrice. They assured me that there’s no evidence of a detrimental impact to public health caused by the fungus known as baudoinia compniacensis.”