A YOKER man who was deported from the UK because of his criminal offending later re-entered the country illegally – and went on to assault a police officer after his return.

Sarhang Jamal grabbed the officer by the throat after two cops tried to detain him following a report of an incident in a property in Vanguard Street – then struggled violently with both officers as they tried to put him in handcuffs.

Jamal, 25, of Kelso Street, originally faced further charges of assaulting two women – one of them pregnant – and one of the police officers called to the incident on May 17, but his pleas of not guilty to those charges were accepted by prosecutors.

Jamal was sentenced at Dumbarton Sheriff Court last Friday after admitting charges of police assault and resisting arrest, as well as a further count of failing to appear at a court hearing on July 1.

Fiscal depute Emma Thomson said: “Police had been contacted via 999 to attend the locus; two officers attended and were afforded entry.

“They observed the accused sitting on a couch in the living room. The accused had been asked to leave, and he did eventually agree to leave with the two police officers.

“While outside he attempted to return to the locus despite being advised not to do so.

“One police witness tried to take hold of the accused’s left arm, but the accused used his left hand to grab the officer by the right side of his throat and push him back towards a garden fence.

“He was told he was under arrest for police assault, but the accused then began to struggle, pushing and pulling in an attempt to break free.

“Police tried to get the accused’s arms behind his back but he tensed his arms and continued his attempts to break free, using his body.

“After a short struggle police managed to get the accused to the ground in the prone position and handcuffs were applied to the rear.”

Noting that Jamal had previously been subject to deportation proceedings after a previous criminal offence, Sheriff Gallacher asked about his current status, and was told by defence lawyer Emma Skett that an appeal against his deportation was ongoing.

Sheriff Gallacher replied: “I find it extraordinary that a man who is deported after a serious conviction then returns to this country illegally – and remains here.”

Ms Skett said Jamal was “under the watch” of the Home Office while appeal proceedings continued.

“He seems to have expressed the appropriate level of remorse for this matter,” Ms Skett continued.

“He is the only member of his family who is subject to these proceedings regarding his immigration status.

“He is not in a position to work or claim benefits but he is assisting his father with the family business.

“He has not been before the courts since 2017 and his last violent offence goes back to 2013.

“I’ve dealt with this man for a number of years and I have seen a change in his maturity – there has been a slowing down of his offending and he is taking proper steps in relation to his immigration status.”

Ms Skett said Jamal had spent 27 days in custody in relation to the charge of failing to appear in court.

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Sheriff William Gallacher said: “You appear before me on two matters concerning acts of misconduct towards police and another where you disregarded the authority of the court.

“You have previously served time in custody because you’ve disregarded other people and other things.

“It’s not for me to make any decision as regards your status in this country but as far as these matters are concerned I’m satisfied I can impose an alternative to a custodial sentence.”

Jamal was told to do 180 hours of unpaid work for the disorder offences, and a further 70 for the failure to appear in court.