ACTIVIST and award-winning author and rapper Darren “Loki” McGarvey brings his TV tour of Scotland to Clydebank next week.

The Poverty Safari author won the Orwell prize in 2018 and now takes TV cameras around the country to highlight issues such as the rampant rise of poverty and inequality.

In the third part of the six-part series, Darren meets Astyn Findlay, who waived her right to anonymity two years ago when she spoke to the Post about her ex being convicted of multiple counts of assault.

Astyn was subjected to three years of domestic abuse by her then Clydebank partner and gives Darren a candid interview about her survival.

It’s part of his look at how West Dunbartonshire has earned the terrible title of being the worst area to be female with factors including safety, income and life expectancy.

He visits a rally in Alexandria to find out about issues which affect women, from reclaiming the streets to walk home in safety at nights, to dying younger than anywhere else in the country and what does the MeToo movement mean for working class women.

He also looks at the differences with the more affluent East Dunbartonshire with family counsellor Kirsty Giles, who has worked in both local authorities.

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Darren also speaks with a grandmother, who has become the main carer for her young grandchildren, in the wake of her daughter’s alcoholism.

Darren McGarvey’s Scotland airs on BBC Scotland from 10pm on Tuesday, September 17.