THE owner of a house that sits next to former local authority property has slammed West Dunbartonshire Council for their failure to keep the place tidy.

Gerard Kane, 71, who lives with his wife on Richmond Street, got in touch with the Post earlier this year to speak of his frustrations with the situation.

The council property next door to his house was described as an “utter disgrace”.

The building and its yard have been left abandoned since March 2015, when Addapt Ltd, a government scheme, fell through.

In May, the council said it was in the process of clearing and tidying the area.

But Mr Kane said: “There’s not a thing been done. Inside the yard the trees are still overgrowing and getting worse.

“It’s terrible, and an eyesore.

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“Nothing has been done at all - not one thing.

“Youths have since vandalised the office building by smashing a window.

“It’s a disgrace because if I was selling my house this would lower the value and if it was my garden that was a mess the council would be on top of me about it.”

The Kanes can see the yard from two of their windows and said the mess leads into their garden.

A West Dunbartonshire Council spokeswoman said: “We are sorry to hear that the resident is unhappy.

“This site is part of the depot at Richmond Street, and is under consideration as part of a review of depots which aims to increase our efficiency.

“Works to clear vegetation and tidy up the fence have been completed and we have arranged a further survey to ensure any required action is taken.”